Is your estranged spouse a narcissist?
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Is your estranged spouse a narcissist?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Divorce |

These days, “narcissist” might be thrown around like a buzzword. But having a narcissist for a spouse is very real for some people in Mississippi.

Divorcing a narcissist comes with its own unique set of challenges that aren’t seen in other relationships. Not only is it a huge drain on emotional and mental health, but it affects your finances as well.

What are the signs that your spouse might be a narcissist?

Narcissistic tendencies can range from mild to severely damaging and can present differently depending on the person. Some narcissistic spouses engage in conflict head-on with screaming matches that detract from the actual issue at hand. Other times, a narcissist will add fuel to the fire by talking behind your back or doing subtle things to sabotage any efforts to heal or compromise. Both types of narcissistic tendencies can be very damaging to the divorce process and cause it to drag on for a long time.

What should you expect during the divorce process?

Most spouses who display narcissistic tendencies will be reluctant to compromise without a fight. Narcissists tend to put up a fight against anything that might make them look like the bad guy, and they’ll often do things to derail the conversation when they feel like it’s not going their way. As such, be sure to have your lawyer help you stay on track.

Where you can, bring evidence as to your spouse’s behavior in order to better support your argument. Most importantly, you should avoid getting into arguments with them. It’s a waste of time that only leads to higher legal costs.

What if you have children together?

If you have children with your spouse, the divorce will likely be even more difficult. It’s important to establish early on what you want to have happen as far as custody, and be prepared for your spouse to put up a fight.

The divorce process might feel like it’ll drag on forever and be messy. Stay vigilant, though, since the divorce is the last thing you’ll have to do in order to leave that toxic relationship.