Could a parent lose any rights for not paying child support?
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Could a parent lose any rights for not paying child support?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Divorce |

A court judgment might not be what motivates all fathers to pay support for their children. Many parents want to care for their young ones, even when times become financially challenging. Regardless of the reason, if a father falls behind on child support, consequences could result. Some parents might wonder if they may lose rights due to non-payment of child support in Mississippi.

Concerns over lost parental rights

“Rights” generally refers to visitation, and a parent might feel devastated when the court revokes visitation rights. Many reasons could lead to losing visitation, but failing to pay child support will not be one of them. The courts would likely want to keep the relationship between parent and child strong. Therefore, the court will not see a failure or even a refusal to pay child support as a reason to take away visitation rights.

Also, canceling visitation agreements could be devastating to the child. Barring a child from seeing a mother or father for months might have a terrible effect on the young one. Unless the child’s mental or physical well-being appears threatened, visitation rights likely won’t undergo suspensions or alterations.

Dealing with missed child support payments

After divorce proceedings conclude, a parent might face requirements to pay a specific amount of child support per month. In time, the parent’s financial situation could change, and it may be advisable to return to court with a request for a child support modification. Perhaps the court will lower the required payments based on financial hardship.

Not paying child support without taking action to inform the court or request modifications might result in collection actions, including wage and tax refund garnishments. Some may end up arrested for not paying child support.

Legal steps exist to address issues related to problems with paying child support. Taking the appropriate action in court might prevent the situation from becoming troubling for all involved.