Remarriage and child support
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Remarriage and child support

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Child Custody |

It is fairly common for divorced individuals to create child support arrangements so that the non-custodial parent can provide financial care for the child(ren). It is also common for divorced people to eventually remarry, and this can change the previous child support arrangements. Some people who remarry also gain stepchildren and will need to provide financial support for them if the children are living in the home. Remarried individuals may also want to have more children which poses other financial obligations. If you live in Mississippi and need to know family law statutes concerning remarriage and child support, read on to find out more.

Do child support payments change with remarriage?

Remarriage alone does not have an impact on child support payments according to family law. However, there are some things pertaining to remarriage that can change the amount of child support one parent will pay.

If the custodial parent remarries, this parent should consider what impact the remarriage may have on child support payments and what options are available if the new spouse decides to adopt the children. However, in most states, the family law courts will not lower the payments the non-custodial parent receives regardless of a new spouse’s income. This is because child support is for the care of the child and the child’s legal parents are obligated to care for the child unless special circumstances indicate otherwise.

Child support medications

Family law indicates that parents can request a child support modification if certain situations have changed. If a parent remarries and doesn’t work, the courts can use the potential income scale to determine the estimated income the parent would make if they were working outside the home. If the non-custodial parent experiences unemployment or underemployment, the courts may reduce this parent’s child support obligations.