How can you stay amicable while co-parenting?
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How can you stay amicable while co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Firm News |

After a divorce, you may decide the best option for your children is to co-parent. According to Healthline, co-parenting is when both parents continue to share caretaking responsibilities. They both continue to discuss and make decisions involving a child’s health care, education and religion. 

Co-parenting can encourage a close relationship between children and both of their parents. 

Communicate effectively

Communication involves listening and speaking directly and respectfully. Both you and your co-parent deserve to feel heard. Both should take turns speaking with no interruptions. Make sure that you understand one another. Always think about your words beforehand. You do not want to come across as a bully. 

While you should stay respectful without criticism or threats, you do want to set boundaries and keep your texting conversations brief and polite. 

Make plans as a team

While you do not have to carry out your plans together, you should make plans with your co-parent in mind. For instance, if you want to take your child on vacation, plan the date and discuss it with your ex-spouse. Encourage him or her to do the same for you. You should remain consistent when it comes to holiday celebrations and do not plan vacations when your co-parent has time with your kids. 

Stay supportive of each other

You and your co-parent should have similar rules. Agree on curfews and bedtimes and stick to those times regardless of whether your child is with you or his or her other parent. When your ex does something that you like, be positive and tell him or her how you feel.