Why do spouses become emotionally distant?
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Why do spouses become emotionally distant?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Firm News |

A marriage is a partnership, which means both spouses must remain emotionally connected in order for their needs to be fulfilled. When there are problems in a marriage, emotional detachment is likely. This can have a devastating effect on a couple, and possibly even lead to divorce. 

While divorce may be in your best interest, doing a little soul-searching is a must to ensure you take the best possible action for you and your spouse. Here are a few reasons why emotional distance grows between couples and what you can do about them. 

Your partner is no longer in love with you

It is a sad fact that many people fall out of love over time. This causes emotional and physical intimacy to wane, and your partner may prefer to spend more time alone or with others. This calls for an open and honest discussion to determine whether your partner still wants to remain in the marriage. At this point, you may need to pursue therapy together to determine whether it is possible to fix the relationship. While it may not be, therapy is still beneficial for both parties to understand the demise of the relationship. 

Your partner is withdrawing from the union

Withdrawal is often preceded by criticism. Criticism can occur for all sorts of reasons, many of them legitimate. However, constant criticism tends to push the other person away, even if that is not your intention. If you find yourself being overly critical, think about why that is. If it stems from your partner’s failing in the relationship, you might want to consider why they are not responding to what you are saying. 

Your partner is depressed and unhappy

The problem might not have anything to do with your or your marriage. It might stem from dissatisfaction with your partner’s job or a mental health condition. Regardless of the underlying cause, these issues will still cause damage to your marriage. Discuss whether individual therapy would be better for your partner and whether the state of your marriage is contributing to their internal strife.