How does joint custody benefit a family?
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How does joint custody benefit a family?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2020 | Child Custody |

Mississippi parents have a lot of decisions to make during a divorce. One of the biggest decisions is how you want child custody matters handled. Sole and joint custody are the main options. Today we will look at joint custody and the potential benefits it has. 

VeryWell Family takes a look at lesser known benefits of joint custody. These benefits help out the parents in this situation. For example, joint parenting allows each parent to hold equal responsibility. Both parents are in charge of discipline and praise in equal measures. This prevents a child from beginning to view one parent as the “cool” parent and one as the “strict” parent. 

Sharing custody gives both parents more free time as well. This helps them run their household. You can use this free time to take care of chores, work or other issues that are not the focus with a kid in the house. These breaks allow parents to handle their child better when they are around. 

Children benefit from joint custody as well. There are many studies proving this point. One of the main benefits relates to a child’s mental well-being. Children of sole custody tend to have more behavioral problems. They isolate themselves from peers or do not get along well with them. They tend to have problems with figures of authority. This includes teachers or law enforcement agents. These problems are not prominent in children of joint custody. There is also a lower rate of depression and anxiety in joint custody children. 

Though this method is not for everyone, it is a good option to consider if you think it may fit your family.