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Is your estranged spouse a narcissist?

These days, "narcissist" might be thrown around like a buzzword. But having a narcissist for a spouse is very real for some people in Mississippi. Divorcing a narcissist comes with its own unique set of challenges that aren't seen in other relationships. Not only is...

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Understanding spousal support

Some Mississippi residents might be surprised to find that spousal support, or alimony, is not a given in divorce cases. Instead, divorcing spouses might negotiate alimony or a court might order it if certain conditions are involved, particularly if one spouse earned...

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Financial issues in divorce

Financial issues are often at the heart of divorce disputes. If you're in the midst of ending your marriage or are seriously considering divorce, keep in mind that the average cost of divorce is around $7,500. However, there are other financial aspects to consider...

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Child support in Mississippi

During a divorce or custody action, Mississippi courts may oblige the non-custodial parent to pay child support up to a certain time. If you are going through these proceedings, you should know the laws, limitations, how it is calculated and penalties if you fail to...

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